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Not only is platelet donation essential — it’s also easy, safe, and convenient. We are committed to making the donor process a comfortable and rewarding one.

Step 1:

Complete Donor Contact Form

Registration is simple and only takes a minute. Then a Trusting Heart staff member will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an in-person screening appointment. Register Now >

Step 2:

Complete the 30 minute screening appointment and earn a bonus $25

Trusting Heart staff will coordinate a sample blood collection at your in-person screening appointment to ensure you’re a suitable donor. You will be paid a bonus $25 for taking this step in becoming a donor. Our staff will reach out to you within 48 hours after successful screening of your blood sample to schedule your full platelet donation appointment approximately 21 days after your first appointment.

Step 3:

Donate platelets and earn a $75 reward

As a thank you for your contribution to local hospitals you’ll receive $75 directly following each of your first two donation appointments and you’ll automatically be eligible to earn *$3,400+ in Rewards and Bonuses. Your donation will immediately help cancer, trauma and hospital patients who need platelets in your community. You can feel proud of the life changing impact you made for someone close by.

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Refer a Donor

Refer a new donor, and both donors earn $125*.

A look inside the donation process

Donating platelets may be new to you. Here’s a quick overview of the donation process and how we process your platelets at Trusting Heart Blood Center for hospitals to use in the future:

A relatively small amount of blood is drawn from your arm into an automated blood cell separator machine.

The blood is rapidly spun to separate platelets from the other blood components.

These cells then go directly into a sterile, single-use disposable kit.

The rest of your blood components are returned to you through your arm. 

The cycle is then repeated several times until the donation process is complete, with our trained staff closely monitoring every step along the way.

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Donors at snack bar in THBC
Donors at snack bar in THBC

Doing good adds up to rewards.

Upon successful completion of the in-person screening appointment you will be given a $25 honorarium. Once you qualify as a donor, you can earn $50 at each visit upon successful completion of the donation process.

We compensate our donors for taking the time to save lives. Become part of the movement.

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