Trusting Heart Blood Center Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Opening of its Second Platelet Donation Site

RALEIGH, NC AND DURHAM, NC, MARCH 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Trusting Heart Blood Center (THBC) will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony today from 4:30 to 6:30 PM EST to commemorate the opening of its new platelet collection facility at 10441 Moncreiffe Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the second of several THBC centers planned to open across the United States. The first center was opened in October 2020 in Edina, Minnesota. The Raleigh opening is an important milestone and represents THBC’s continued progress in its mission to address the nation’s growing platelet shortage and help patients in urgent need.

“The U.S. continues to face rising blood and platelet shortages that are causing hospitals to postpone vital treatments and surgeries, threatening the well-being of patients and healthcare institutions alike,” said Derek Dagendesh of Trusting Heart Blood Center. “We hope with the opening of this second platelet collection center, we will continue to partner with hospitals amidst the growing platelet shortage. We warmly welcome new donors in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area to join us on our mission and ensure patients get the life-saving treatments they need. Our passion for quality and focus on excellence enables us to restore hope, build trust, and improve quality of life through readily available and safe transfusion solutions.”

Each day, hospitals around the U.S. require an average of 7,000 platelet doses, and with ongoing and worsening national blood and platelet shortages, a significant number of these institutions struggle to meet this demand. The majority of platelet transfusions at hospitals are used to prevent bleeding in certain cancer patients and those undergoing cardiac surgeries and organ transplants. Platelets have a shorter shelf life than other blood components and must be transfused within five to seven days from collection, driving a continuous need. Exacerbated by industry challenges to the effective recruitment of blood donors, hospital demand for platelet units continues to exceed available supply.

“At Duke University Hospital, we recognize the critical role of a safe, stable platelet supply in treating and saving the lives of our patients,” said Dr. Nicholas Bandarenko, Director of Transfusion Services at Duke University Hospital. “Platelet shortages are common and put our patients, especially those being treated for cancer and heart disease, at risk for not having platelet transfusions immediately available when they need them most. We welcome new and innovative models to expand the platelet supply, so patients will get the transfusions they need without delay.”  Dr. Bandarenko encourages all eligible donors in the Triangle to make a difference to someone in need by donating at one of the many reputable blood donor centers in the area.

Building a new generation of reliable, impassioned donors by offering a best-in-class experience with state-of-the-art facilities using the responsible use of compensation, THBC is reimagining the typical blood and platelet donation experience. Platelets collected at THBC can supplement and diversify a hospital’s supply with 100% pathogen-reduced, single-donor apheresis platelets. By partnering with hospitals and donors, THBC sends high quality platelets to communities where they are used within days, ensuring the highest quality of care for patients struggling with diseases like cancer or undergoing major surgeries.

Individuals interested in becoming donors can find more information at our website here, or call (844)-222-7001.

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Hospitals desperately need platelets as part of life saving treatments given to seriously ill patients. On average, we need 7,000 platelet doses each day to meet the nation’s need. Trusting Heart Blood Center is committed to working with hospitals to help ensure a readily available supply. 

Our donors give back to the community, and we believe in giving back to them.

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