Thank You!

Taking the next step is simple:

Make sure your phone is on:

One of our dedicated donation specialists will call you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment and complete your confidential profile. Can’t wait to sign up?
Give us a call at 844-222-7001 , seven days a week.

Make *$35 for a Quick 30 Minute Blood Screening Appointment:

We value your time, which is why you’ll receive $25 just for completing an in-person screening and providing a blood sample – if you come in at your originally scheduled appointment time, you will receive an added $10 bonus for a total of $35.

Make a difference:

Once we have your blood sample results, we will notify you of your eligibility to donate and work with you to schedule a platelet donation.


As a loyal platelet donor, you can earn up to $3,400 a year in Rewards. You will also be on your way to earning Bonuses throughout the year with our Special Promotions. For more information checkout our Rewards Program.

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